Episode 6 – Option Trading Strategies April 22 2018

Welcome to The Weekly Option podcast for April 22, 2018. In this episode we discuss the overall market result from last week before offering a few things to look for in this upcoming week. Several companies have earning announcements, including Halliburton, Microsoft, TD Ameritrade, Coca Cola, Eli Lilly, 3M, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, Viacom, Amazon, Conocco Phillips, General Motors, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Sky West, Spirit Airlines, Chevron, Exxon, and Phillips 66, among others. We discuss the results of the trades from our last episode; a covered call from Bank of America before their earnings, a call debit spread from the DIA ETF, and a call credit spread from the SPY ETF. We also discuss the trades for this upcoming week, First we discuss a covered call strategy for GE. Second we discuss a credit spread for the Gold ETF GLD. And, finally, we look at a call spread for Enterprise products.

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