Episode 12 Option Trading Strategies June 2 2018

Welcome to The Weekly Option, a weekly program that offers practical trades and discussion for beginners and professionals alike.

This week the Dow Jones Industrial average finishing the week 117.88 points lower, closing at 24, 635.21. The S&P managed to close 13 points higher, finishing the week at 2,734.62.

We are looking forward to earnings from the following companies: Dell Technologies (DVMT), Verifone (PAY), and Vail Resorts (MTN). This is a light week on earnings and planned economic releases.

In this episode we discuss the results from last week’s trades on the covered call for Therapeutics MD, the credit spread on IWM, and the debit spreads in Nike and IWM.  We also speak about some of the possible trade adjustments that can be made to lock in profits or turn a loss into a profit.

We then discuss the trades for this week, including a covered call on Dell Technologies, a credit spread on General Motors, and a debit spread on Bank of America.

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