Episode 99 Option Trading Strategies January 31, 2020

The Weekly Option

Episode 99 January 31, 2020

Welcome to The Weekly Option, a weekly program that offers practical trades and discussion for beginners and professionals alike.

It’s always great to hear from listeners. If you have any questions about the trades presented here or about your own positions, feel free to email me.

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The US equity markets had a larger pullback this week, marking the second consecutive week of lower stock performance. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 733 points week over week to close at 28,256 points on Friday. The S&P 500 Index gave up nearly 70 points, ending the week at 3,225 points.

In this week’s show, we will cover the trades from last week on Cronos Group, US Oil ETF, and United State Steel Company.

And we discuss three new trades on Gold Fields Limited, FireEye Inc, and the United States Natural Gas ETF.


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